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Project Description
The fixer is just a pipeline component. Use it in your own custom pipeline with the HL7 DASM.

When the HL7 header (MSH) is parseable and the body is not, the MessageType will be present and correct with the property ParseError = true.

When the HL7 header (MSH) is not parseable , the MessageType will NOT be present and the property ParseError will be true. The only other property is MessageClass, which is the same ("MessageClass2X") between both of these scenarios.

Since there is not a "Not Exists" operator in BizTalk message routing it is impossible to differentiate between these two failure cases as-is.

This project will reassign the MessageClass to "Unparseable" when the HL7 header is not parseable, allowing you to differentiate it from failure cases where the header did properly parse.

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